English Abstract

evangelische arbeitsgemeinschaft familie (eaf)

Form of Organisation

The evangelische arbeitsgemeinschaft familie (eaf) is an alliance of Protestant institutions, movements, associations and working parties working at regional level as well as relevant associations working at federal level which are all concerned with the subject area of family policy. Thus the eaf is an umbrella organisation. Since 2014, eaf is home to a centre of the Family Education Forum (Forum Familienbildung) which is a nationwide federation of professionals and institutions for family education of the Protestant Church. Offering its members opportunities for networking and professional exchange, it encourages the development of local facilities.

The purpose of the voluntary association eaf is the counselling in ethical, social, economic and legal questions when it comes to family policy. Other aims are the promotion of family counselling and family education, programmes to enhance the educational competence of parents as well as age-based education and programmes for recreation for families.

The President of the eaf is Prof. Dr. Martin Bujard and Federal Secretary General is Svenja Kraus. The registered office of the Federal office is in Berlin.

There are constant committees consisting of voluntary members working in relevant fields of research and practise. In addition to these continuously working committees, working parties can be set up provisionally to cover specific issues.

Mode of Operation

The eaf observes developments in those realms of politics that are relevant for families, especially family policy, women policy, social and legislative policy as well as economic policy, labour policy, housing and educational policy. Apart from being informed by its highly capable staff, the working parties of the eaf obtain their updated information and expertise by following current political debates but also through communication with experts from ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical backgrounds, from ministries, associations and scientific institutions. The eaf takes part in an active exchange of information and opinions with political parties, fractions of the Lower House of German Parliament as well as with federal and provincial ministries, research institutes, public authorities, employer’s organisations and trade unions. The eaf representatives put forward the organisation’s views at public hearings and by remaining in close contact with persons at various political levels.
The eaf delivers written and oral statements about bills on request of ministries and parliamentary committees.


The eaf’s agenda about family policies ("Familienpolitische Leitlinien") was published in 2009. In this agenda the eaf comments on the socio-ethical principles of their work as well as the financial situation and social security of families. Statements on points of law and family-adequate housing are also included.
Additionally, the eaf publishes the “Familienpolitische Informationen”. It appears four times a year with a print run of approximately 2000 copies. It is read by a broad audience. The magazine documents and comments on ongoing political, legal and scientific developments. It also publishes all the eaf statements. Other publicly available publications on a regular basis are newsletters, press releases and documentations of the annual expert conference.

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